Roles of a Counselor in Drug Rehab Therapy

The effect of drug addiction is beyond physical; there is a high chance of a psychological and emotional effect. It is why drug rehab therapy goes beyond detoxification; counselors are also involved in the process.

During the recovery process, the counselor has the responsibility of providing psychological help to the patient. In this article, we will talk about some of the roles of a counselor in drug rehab therapy.

  • Listening: Recovering addicts are people going through a lot. They are under pressure to not relapse while feeling the need to use. Counselors need to serve as great listeners to recovering addicts.

The patients have a flurry of emotion during treatment; they need to express how they feel to someone. The role of listening is a critical responsibility of the counselor during drug therapy.

  • Encouragement: It is the responsibility of the counselor to encourage the recovering addict to aid complete recovery. Patients may not have the mental stamina to carry through with the recovery process. An effective counselor should serve as a cheerleader for their patients to help them cross the finish line.

  • Crafting a Recovery Plan: The counselor should try to craft out a workable plan for the patient to recover fully. For a successful recovery phase, there needs to be a comprehensive plan that dictates every line of action.
  • Linking Patients with Support Groups: The business a counselor has with their patient will not last forever; it will always end. However, the counselor has the responsibility of helping the patient by linking them up with support groups. These groups will provide support to ensure total recovery during drug rehab.

Some other roles the counselor plays during drug rehab include;

  • Guiding the friends and family of the patients on how to help them navigate the recovery phase.
  • Developing a rapport with their patients.
  • Gaining the trust of their patients.


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