The availability of a counsellor in the addiction process, can be regarded as one of the vital features which would be beneficial to the addict. In some addiction recovery homes, some health specialists tend to double as a counsellor. Sometimes, the outcome is usually positive, however, there would be times when they would have other engagements.

The term “counsellor” comes with a specific job role, it is usually advisable that, a counsellor does not have a second duty to perform. There is an essential need for the counsellor to focus on his primary assignment, so that progress can be achieved.

Below are five lessons which a counsellor would teach an addict while in recovery

  1. You are a worthy recipient of recovery: This is the first lesson which every counsellor would teach an addict. It basically explains that, all addicts are worth the care and effort to help them get back on track.


  1. You are not dysfunctional: For a good number of addicts who come into rehab, they often feel they have destroyed the normal functioning of their body. Hence, they have lost all hope. Now, a counsellor would be in place to encourage the addict, and explain that there is still hope for them to have their normal lives back.

  1. You are not powerless: In the addiction process, most addicts are of the opinion that they have been overpowered, and there is little or nothing which can rescue them. The counsellor helps to correct that notion which the addict has about himself.


  1. There are many ways to live a healthy life: Counsellors also teach addicts that, there are many ways which can help them come out clean. It does not have to be through dependence on alcohol and drugs, before they can have a healthy lifestyle.


  1. You are better than your mistakes: A counsellor is often seen as someone who inspires someone to do better. People in recovery usually regret and blame themselves for getting addicted. However, a counsellor would point out reasons to you why you should instead focus on your winnings rather than mistakes.



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